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Bodyweight training is one of my favorite methods of training. Whether you’re looking to lose fat, gain muscle or just get as strong as possible using your body is the way to go.

The problem is few people know how to properly progress with these exercises. Its seldom as simple as adding more weight or doing more reps.

Solving those problems is what this series is all about…

Both For Complete Beginners and Advanced Trainees

Don’t be put off by the names if you think you could never do these moves. I’ve been there myself.

I remember hanging from a bar and not being able to pull myself up an inch, wondering how it was even possible.

My flexibility sucked and I couldn’t squat down to the ground. I had to work up to the pistol step by step (just like I show you how).

The first time I tried a rollout on an ab wheel from my knees I fell flat on my face.

Everything I can do now I had to build from the ground up. I’m not a naturally strong or an athlete at all. But with the proper training you can become one just like I did.

These books will take you from absolutely zero strength, or wherever you’re starting at right now, up to moves that 99.99% of the population cannot do.

By following the progressions and training plans I show in these books you can attain all the strength I have and even more!


What Everybody Ought to Know About Handstand Pushups, But No One Else Is Teaching


Head Position
Which Position Makes Handstand Pushups Harder?

Take for example this idea. It’s a way to add height without elevating your hands at all. When most people do handstand pushups against the wall they lower down to the top of their head. Go ahead and do a few reps like this if you can. Seriously try it out now…

Good. Now I want you to do a few more handstand pushups except this time you tilt your head back so that you touch your nose to the ground. Give it
a shot…

What did you find? Almost certainly you’ll find that touching your nose to the ground is a lot harder. This position not only adds about two inches to your range of motion but its happens to be right near the hardest part of pressing.

You might also find that your back tends to arch more as the body follows the head. This isn’t to be avoided at all costs like some people would have you believe, but it must be done correctly.

This is just one example of many I could give you to change the handstand pushup. I’m talking about hand positions, arms and hand positions, the head, back and even where the legs are – These change up the exercise BIG TIME.

People speak of the handstand pushup like its one move, as if there aren’t hundreds of ways to make the exercises easier or harder. That’s why when someone says they can do 20 reps you should look at how they’re doing it.

To People Who Want to do Handstand Pushups But Don’t Know How to Get Started

Maybe the previous example was beyond you like it was for me when I first began. Maybe you’re thinking I just want to get started and do that simple handstand pushup for one rep.

Well you’re in luck. Cause the same principles apply. Not only can your positioning be used to make reps harder but it can be used to make them as easy as possible. I can lay out everything you should do to make the handstand pushup as easy as possible for you to do.

And from there you make it harder as you get stronger.

On top of that there are a few non-handstand pushup moves you should be doing to build your strength to get to that first rep. And a couple special techniques that can help you blast through this or any plateau you get stuck at. This is…

This volume gives you everything you need to get up to your first handstand pushup to doing full-range reps with added weight and tons in between. Here’s what it contains:

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Before You Begin
Chapter 3 – Lead-up Exercises
Chapter 4 – Handstand Positioning
Chapter 5 – Basic Handstand Pushup Exercises
Chapter 6 – Advanced Handstand Pushup Exercises
Chapter 7 – Extra Tips and Tricks
Chapter 8 – Progression
Chapter 9 – One Hand Handstands
Chapter 10 – Freestanding Handstand Pushups
Chapter 11 – Common Problems
Chapter 12 – Workouts

Read below to find out the many things you’ll find out about doing handstand and handstand pushups.

  • Want to target the shoulders more? Work with this hand placement
  • Want to target the arms more? Work with this hand placement
  • Want to target your chest more? Try arching but make sure you do it right to avoid possible injury
  • Having trouble getting into the handstand? Follow these steps to banish your fears and make handstands a breeze.
  • The best two stretches for improving your shoulder flexibility.
  • Have stiff wrists from handstands? These stretches will loosen them up and allow you to handstands pain free.
  • Handstand pushups out of your range? Use these three lead-up exercises to build your pushing strength allowing you to do the real thing within weeks
  • How to kick-up into a handstand against the wall. Do this right so you don’t waste energy getting into position when you’re trying to build strength.
  • Two alternative ways to get into the handstand against the wall.
  • Handstand on the Fingertips – When, where and how you can add these in to build those iron claws
  • Have wrist problems? Simple techniques to completely circumvent this problem. Get all the benefits of handstand pushups without any wrist pain.
  • How to apply your strength directly to lifting bigger weights
  • Stuck? Use these methods (isometrics, holds, negatives, and more) to bust through plateaus an gain incredible strength
  • Various ways to add height and weight to make any handstand pushup harder. What to be aware of when you do this.
  • Specific workouts for all levels – beginners, intermediate, advanced
  • Why the awesome combo of handstand pushups and pull-ups works and how to make the most out of it.
  • Using the handstand shrug as a finisher to build powerful traps
  • Reverse handstands and reverse handstand pushups open up a whole new ball game
  • Specific techniques to generate maximum strength like what to do with your eyes as you press-up.
  • Is holding a handstand easy for you? Use these one hand handstand variations to kick it up a notch
  • Are you leaning? How this simple position swtich-up can make the handstand pushup twice as hard
  • Want to know the easiest handstand pushup variation?
  • Want to know the hardest handstand pushup variation?
  • Hand and wrist action in the handstand. Where to place your weight for maximum strength.
  • Can you do the clapping handstand? Tips for this explosive plyometric.
  • How a simple piece of clothing can make your handstand pushups easier.
  • How to effectively work both handstand pushups and other presses making progress in both without over doing it.
  • Will you go after the one arm handstand pushup? Use this valuable assistance exercise to build up your strength.
  • This handstand pushup variation will blast your triceps better than any other!
  • How to take your strength out into the open with the Freestanding Handstand Pushup. Why this move is harder (besides the balance). Plus use these three methods to train this skill and master it in weeks.
  • How often should you do handstand pushups? Workout Frequency explained!
  • How much rest should you take between sets?
  • Workouts specifically to blast through any sticking points.
  • The Terrible Threesome – An ultimate bodyweight routine for the whole body
  • The Fearless Foursome – An even more cruel bodyweight routine
  • And More!

If its concerning handstands or handstand pushups against the wall then this course covers it. It is by all means the most complete course there is on these exercises.

Not only that but the book contains three bonus reports. Many people like to have everything laid out for their training plan. No thinking to be done, just work. If that’s you, you’ll love these bonuses.

All you have to do is add the sweat and effort and the results will come.

This is your handstand pushup game plan.

1. Step-by-Step Plan for Your First Handstand Pushup

2. Trainings Schedules to Reach the Full-Range Handstand Pushup

3. How to Build Parallettes

This books is divided into three main sections.

How to Get Your First Complete Pullup Rep

And I’m not just talking about kipping pullups. As far as I’m concerned being capable of doing at least one pullup or chin-up is a life skill (this applies to men and women of all ages). You probably won’t ever need it to save your life but what if you do?!?

You’ll learn not just one proven path but multiple to achieve this goal.

  • Differences in grips and pullup bars (plus what to avoid using)
  • Classic pullup form covered in detail
  • The Inverted Row Series with 4 Progressively Harder Versions
  • How to Use Holds and Negatives
  • Various Methods of Assistance
  • My Favorite Method of Building Up to Your First Pullup
  • How to Kip
  • A Complete Beginner’s Training Plan

Tons of Pullup Variations, How to Add Reps and Weight

Once you’ve gained your first pullup the options begin to open up. This intermediate section covers all of those options in detail.

  • Altered Hand Positions to Change Up the Exercise
  • Special Methods and Tools for more Grip Training
  • How to Blast the Abs with this One Pullup Variation
  • Isometrics as Never Taught Anywhere Else Before
  • A Pullup that Works Your Chest More than Your Back
  • Build More Strength with Extra Range of Motion
  • Learn which pullup variations are best, and which ones aren’t so good.
  • How to Add Weight to Any Chinnup
  • The Beginnings of Unilateral Training
  • Endless Combinations
  • 3 Training Plans to Build Up to 20+ Reps
  • 2 Training Plans to Handle More Added Weight

The Holy Grail of Pullup Training – The One Arm Chin

Just a single rep will prove you’re stronger than 99.99+% of the population. This mighty move is a journey and here is your guide.

  • Solid baseline numbers to hit before you even think of going after this one.
  • Returning to the Row?
  • Holds, Negatives and Isometrics
  • The 5 Step Self Assistance Method
  • Band Training
  • A Machine that Can Help?
  • Avoiding “Chinner’s Elbow”
  • Critical Tips in Form and Training


Over the years I’ve accomplished a good amount.

  1. 1000 bodyweight squats in a single set (taking slightly more than half an hour)
  2. Over 25 reps on each leg in the Pistol
  3. Pistols with an added 106 lbs. of weight

This book is divided into four main sections.

How to Gain a Full Range of Motion Squat

A natural human motion is to be able to squat all the way down, to sit on our own legs. Across the world this is used as a rest position, where games are played or meals are eaten out of it. But in “Westernized” countries sitting on our butts all day long as school, work and in our vehicles we lose this range of motion.

  • Finding the Correct Squat Form for Yourself to Help Unlock Your Body
  • Breathing for Squats
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid
  • The Ultimate Tool to Increasing Your Range of Motion
  • How to Pry Open Your Hips for Additional Flexibility
  • Sitting Back vs. Sitting Down
  • How Weight Can Help You
  • Training Plan for Full Range of Motion
  • Training to Achieve 100 Reps in a Single Set

Tons of Squat Variations Plus How to Do Hundreds of Reps

Here you can go beyond the regular squat and also start to get up to some big numbers for endurance.

  • Hindu Squat Variations
  • These Squat Variations Build Even More Flexibility
  • How to Target Your Quads More
  • How to Target Your Glutes More
  • How to Target Your Hips More
  • Various Lunge and Side Positions
  • Various Jumps and Jumping Squats
  • Awkward Position Squats for Injury-Proofing
  • How to Train to do Hundreds or Even More than a Thousand Reps in a Single Set

Achieving Your First One Legged Squat

This can be a long journey or a short one depending on where you’re starting from. Here’s a secret. The strength required for this move isn’t all that much. What stops most people is the flexibility required.

  • Form for the Pistol
  • What to do with the Free Leg?
  • The Best Two Leg Exercise to Build Pistol Flexibility
  • A Few “Cheat” Options that can Progress Your to the Free Move
  • Several Methods of Box Pistols

Mastering Explosive and Weighted Pistols

Achieving a single rep isn’t the end but just a starting point. In this fourth and final section we go beyond just repping out pistols and make them much tougher.

  • How to Train to Add Reps once You’ve Achieved Your First One
  • Pure Bodyweight Squat Variations that are Harder than the Pistol!
  • Various Jumping and Explosive Pistols
  • Several Variations of Weighted Pistols (What is Easiest and What is Hardest)
  • How to Train to Add Lots of Weight to Your One Legged Squat


If you want to be strong you must have a well developed core. This is much more than just the abs, but the obliques, lower back, and even the whole torso. If your body can’t work as one unit you are weak.

If you’re doing crunches to develop your abs, I’m sorry but you’re wasting your time! Get truly strong abs, that will also look great, when you do real bodyweight “Strength” exercises.

This book covers two main exercises which are equally powerful in giving you the strength you desire.

Master the Ab Wheel Rollout

And I’m not just talking about kipping pullups. As far as I’m concerned being capable of doing at least one pullup or chin-up is a life skill (this applies to men and women of all ages). You probably won’t ever need it to save your life but what if you do?!?

You’ll learn not just one proven path but multiple to achieve this goal.

  • Different Devices – The Ab Wheel, The Power Wheel, Ab Rollers and More. What is the best option?
  • A Study that Proved the Very Best Ab Exercise!
  • Basic Bodyweight Ab Planks and More to Start With
  • How to Get Started with Knee Rollouts
  • Alternative Options if You Don’t Have an Ab Wheel
  • Two Easy to Build Devices that Get You From Kneeling to Standing Rollouts
  • The Method I’m Using that is Getting Me Closer than Ever to the Standing Rollout (at 6’2″ it’s eluding me for some time but I’m closing in using this ONE Exercise)
  • Where to Go Beyond the Full Rollout
  • Additional Exercises You Can Do with the Power Wheel

Master Hanging Knee and Leg Raises

My second favorite exercise after the ab wheel rollout is the hanging leg raise. This section is all about taking this move, which requires stability and flexibility at the same time, as far as you can take it.

  • Building the Required Grip Strength
  • How to do Hanging Knee Raises
  • How to do Hanging Leg Raises
  • The Four Levels to Use for Progression
  • How to Get Started Towards the Front Lever
  • Explosive or Strict? The Advantages and Drawbacks of Each
  • Building Dynamic Flexibility
  • Targeting the Obliques with These Two Variations
  • The Ultimate Hanging Leg Raise Exercise

Several Training Plans are Covered to Help You Achieve Each Goal plus
Each Book Includes Instructions and Pictures for Every Exercise

These books are not full of a lot of fluff. I don’t want to waste your time. We dive right into showing you the exercises and how to do them to get the results you want. There’s over 125 exercises in total in these fourbooks. Yet its not about endless variations, but instead progressions to make you stronger.

Each book is divided into sections to help you towards the goal you want. Skip ahead to where you need to best get the results you need from each book.

Follow the plans to get the results guaranteed. If you don’t like these books for any reason, if they don’t deliver the results you desire, just let me know and I’ll send you your money back.

“I really feel that it’s your info about pistols, backbends, chin-ups, pull-ups and push-ups is what gives me the strength to run better, and lose weight. It’s not an all day work-out, the equipment doesn’t break the bank, there is no gym membership, and I’ve gotten strong enough to run two miles in 15.1 minutes. That’s not great, but it is the best I’ve done in the three years since I started keeping count.  I’m getting better the more I read your books and use what’s inside.”
Ed Mulreany

I’m a real hands-on guy! So I personally like to get real books I can read and highlight as I go through them. But I also understand the value of ebooks and instant delivery. As a special bonus if you purchase the physical books I’ll throw in the ebooks for free. Thus you have your options below.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

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