"You Can Go From Weakling to Superman with
Just Four Bodyweight Exercises"

Faster Progress, No Injuries, Super Strength
All Using Your Body in Less Than 30 Minutes a Day

Dear Friend,

How would you like to have the strength of a gymnast without training for four or more hours a day for many years?

You see, most of the work they do is technical practice which is why they need to train that much. But if you take some of the more basic exercises that don’t require crazy technique you can build that gymnastic strength in a fraction of the time.

Not only will you have the strength but coordination, balance and flexibility far in advance of other people including many who lift weights.

Bodyweight training has become popular in recent years and for good reason. It’s because it works. Anywhere and anytime is the mantra of a bodyweight athlete. Here are some of the great reasons to do bodyweight exercises…

  • No Gym Membership Required
  • No Equipment Required
  • Easy to Follow Progressions from Weakling to Superman
  • Build Incredible Strength
  • Control Your Body like a Gymnast
  • Shed Fat and Gain Muscle
  • Feel Better and Increase Your Health
  • Impress Your Family and Friends with Your Newfound Strength
  • Increase Flexibility Without Stretching
    The Problem with Bodyweight Exercises

    But the problem is most bodyweight exercises are relegated to doing high reps. I know of a guy that did thousands of situps on several occasions. This is alright, but if you want true strength then you need to focus on harder exercises.

    I’ve done 250 Hindu pushups and 1000 squats in one workout. That was fun (actually pretty boring) but I wasn’t STRONGER after it. I enjoy those exercises but at that point they were not delivering the results I wanted to have.

    Instead you need difficult exercises. Exercises that build strength. Think of a gymnast and the routines you see on the rings. That is strength and its not built from doing pushups all day long no matter who says it will.

    Can You do These Four Exercises?

    In particular there are four bodyweight exercises that stand head and shoulders above the rest for the strength they build but also their user friendliness. They involve some skill but are not highly technical like many gymnastic exercises are.



    handstand pushup, leg raise, pullup, pistol


    Here is the sad truth. Most people can’t do one of any of the regular exercises found in this course.

    Don’t feel bad if you can‘t. There was a time that I couldn’t do any of the above. I was not born strong nor a natural athlete. And I’d say 99.9% of the population can’t do all of these.

    That’s why in the Advanced Bodyweight Training Course I give you all the steps and progressions you need to work up to these exercises and make quick progress. If you can’t do one of the above you need this course…

    Take the handstand pushup for instance. You can work on pushups, pike presses, handstands, partials and a few other exercises to build up your strength. Just add a little work and you’ll be cranking out handstand pushups in no time.

    Each DVD lays out these details in easy to follow steps. Just work on the exercises as shown and you’ll easily build strength to do what few people can.

    When we get to the main exercise for each I give you tons more details on the correct positions, form and extra tips it takes to rock the exercises and be even more successful.

    Those Four Are Just the Beginning…

    I feel that doing these exercises is just a baseline. A reasonably strong foundation to start from. And that is exactly what I show you in this course. Once you’ve reached that first successful rep I immediately tell you where the next place to go is (besides just adding reps of course).

    Adding the weight to the exercises is one way to go. Though this is about bodyweight exercises I am not a purist, and find lots of benefit in using weights for the exercises here and I show you how and also what to avoid.

    But that’s not all you can do.

    Full range handstand pushups? One arm pullups? Explosive pistols?

    It’s all here and more.

    You get a full DVD on each exercise detailing all the lead-up exercises, a handful of variations, the optimal form, and advanced exercises to train with.

    What makes this course different?

    The majority of bodyweight training out there uses variation as its staple. While variation is good and helpful do you really need to know 6000 ways to do a pushup? How many will you actually use?

    In fact all that variation often leads to paralysis by analysis.

    Instead pick the best exercises (like the four I talk about here) and work them in progressions that allow you to go from weakling to superman.

    The key is Progression over Variation

    A few variations are shown here but the main aim and goal is to get you from point A to point B the quickest way possible.

    Can only do a few pushups -> Full Range Handstand Pushups

    Can’t do a pullup -> One Arm Pullups

    Can barely squat down in bad form -> Jumping onto tables with One Leg

    Work on crunches for ab strength -> Strict full range Leg Raises

    No matter where you start on this continuum you’ll find all the steps laid out along the way to make progress fast and easy.

    You see, progress is the name of the game when it comes to strength training. And it is the thing that most people just do not understand.

    Add to the fact that with bodyweight exercises you can’t just add weight to the movement in many cases. Instead you need to be smarter by changing the leverage and intensity of the exercises in other ways. This allows you to make progress and thus become stronger.

    The Advanced Bodyweight Training Course shows you how. But that’s not all.

    It wouldn’t be complete without showing you…

    How To Put Your Training All Together

    I’ll also show you how to structure your workouts for maximal productiveness in many possible ways tailored to your specific goals.

    Imagine being able to move and have the strength of a gymnast with just a few basic yet advanced exercises you do regularly. It will happen if you put the system to work.

    Not only do I tell you how to do the training but I show it to you in action. Personally the best way for me to learn is to do it. The next best thing if I can’t be there live is to see it done in a way I can model it with no guesswork involved. This way you don’t just get theory but see it all put together in action. You can follow these workouts as is or use them to gain ideas on how they would best suit you (recommended).

    Now this isn’t a Hollywood production. If you need HD, makeup and special effects go someplace else. This series was shot in my gym, where I train myself and others, where there was some background noise but you can hear everything without problem. Just real hardcore training information.

    To recap you get:

    In all my years I’ve never seen another course that gives you as much detail in a simple to follow format that you can use to build great strength with bodyweight training.

    We’ll get to the price in a minute but first I’ve got to show you all the…


    Explosive Bodyweight Conditioning ($127 value)

    ExplosiveBodyweightConditioningIn this 2 DVD set we’ll dive deep into building endurance with the best bodyweight exercises available. This further rounds out the information found in the Advanced Bodyweight Training Course.

    You’ll be Unstoppable like a Cheetah on Speed when you work in the Major 3 Training Formats and the 7 Conditioning Concepts.
    What’s the difference between sprinting and long slow distance. When you Understand and Use the Condition Continuum you’ll have endurance and speed for ANY Event.
    What is the King of Explosive Bodyweight Exercises?
    Mixing Kettlebells and Bodyweight Exercises in this Brutal Workout. Can you last through it? Can you do it non-stop?
    All manners of Jumping and Running explained and demonstrated in depth.
    How to Make Progression a Easy Fact not just a Desire.
    Don’t allow the Weakest Link in Your Chain to be your Undoing. Discover how to Find Your Weaknesses and to Fix them.

    Ferocious Forearms and Fingers ($39.95 value)


    But that’s not all. You’ll also get the Bodyweight Exercises for Ferocious Forearms and Fingers DVD.

    Learn the select few exercises that will develop claw-like hands, with steel cable tendons and ligaments. Three series of movements are covered in depth with tons of progressions.

    Most people think you need exotic grip training tools. It’s not true and this DVD will show you how to build phenomenal hand strength with little to no equipment.

    Hard Copy Package

    • Advanced Bodyweight Training Course
    • Master the Handstand Pushup DVD ($67 value)
    • Master the Pullup DVD ($67 value)
    • Master the One Legged Squat DVD ($67 value)
    • Master the Hanging Leg Raise DVD ($67 value)
    • Maximize Your Training DVD ($67 value)
    • Workouts in Action DVD ($67 value)


    • Explosive Bodyweight Training ($127 value)
    • Ferocious Forearms and Fingers ($39.95 value)

    $568.95 Value!!!

    All for just $297 + S/H

    If for any reason you don’t like this product, simply return it within 3 months for a full refund on your money. Even if you buy the digital version I stand by my product and the quality of the information found on it.

    Digital Package

    You get everything in the physical package , just delivered to you in downloadable videos online.

    $568.95 Value!!!
    All for just $197

    But this is only available when you act today.

    Order today and get started on the path to strength, muscle, and bodyweight training mastery.

    In strength,
    Logan Christopher

    P.S. Here are what people who received advanced copies of the course are saying:

    “I’ve been a trainer for 20 years and consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable and creative. Logan has shown me a systematic way to finally do a freestanding handstand, increase my pullups, numerous variations of the leg raise and bring me on the doorstep of doing a pistol squat as well as how to incorperate them into mine and my clients training. I think the set as it is should be a definite buy for any trainer as well as any home training individual.”
    Brian Lederman of Hardcore Training in Florida
    “I’ve learned how to do full range handstand pushups. Plus one legged squats are much easier when I bend forward instead of trying to keep my back upright, and are good for flexibility (my primary interest).”
    O.B. from Colorado
    “I have done some body weight training before but very little – mostly pushups, pullups, handstands. I never really knew what the hell I was doing until now, especially with form. You can work with books and pictures but video is so much better and you know what you are talking about. So the DVDs are an excellent resource. I put on muscle and strength easily and that’s happening surely and slowly, just as I planned. The best part for me is watching you and having correct form. Previously, I trained without knowing about this and often had tweaks – shoulders, back, knees – which slowed me down. So far, so good – none of that is happening. I would recommend this for others because it’s simple and easy to do – you don’t need lots of time or equipment and body weight exercises are a great way to get stronger.”
    John Francis of Massachusetts
    “I have a much better understanding of the role of the muscles in the functional movements, and the progressions that can be used in the different moves to build up to the full movement. In the bodyweight exercises there’s much less room to cheat in the movement, which made me really focus on tension in the muscles, and really improved my “mind-muscle” links. Because of this I’ve made good progression in pistols. Only a few inches away from doing the full movement. It’s even helped me with my weightlifting; I’ve put about 5% on my barbell back-squat & deadlift when I re-test. I would recommend this course because its really comprehensive for these exercises.”
    David Fennell of the UK
    “The progressions you give for some of the exercises are some that I have never seen before. I am working diligently on being able to do both pull ups and chin ups, and while I still can’t do them outright I can feel myself getting stronger in the progressions and being able to finally do a controlled jump negative! I learned about the biofeedback training method and found it absolutely fascinating. You explain (and show) everything very clearly and give excellent progressions for all levels of fitness. Like I said there is even info there that I haven’t seen and I’ve looked at a lot!
    Amy Bondanella from New York
    “I would recommend this course. I think your program is quite good; superior, non-gimmicky, to the BER program or Sonnon’s offerings, less strong [and more expensive] than Wade. You also improve upon some of Pavel’s teachings without criticizing him, which is classy.”
    Hal Lupinek of Wisconsin
    “Your DVD on Pistols has provided the “bridge” to take me from an advanced two legged squatter to an intermediate level one legged squatter – a place that I was struggling to reach. Your progressions are very logical and your philosophy regarding relaxation to improve athletic performance is spot on. I have benefitted from the Pullups DVD in regards to my one arm pull up training progression. I had never considered using rings before your DVD and am hooked on them now! I have lived in the Iron world until recently. My eyes have been opend to the world of athletic opportunity that BW trainings affords. I am now almost exclusively training BW and have seen SIGNIFICANT inprovement in my grappling abilities and overall health. I believe that this course is excellent at filling in the gaps that other BW courses tend to miss. If I was buying one course for someone new to BW training I would recommended this. People should be made aware (but not put off) of the “low budget” production quality of this DVD. They should not expect some fancy HD shots with multiple angles and other peripheral BS. They should also be made aware of the GREAT DEPTH of content that this set provides. The “devil is in the details” as they say and Logan has gone down deep to show us how to perfectly “dance with the devil” one pistol at a time.
    Chris from Texas
    “I do Capoeira and have found that the fitness and strengthening elements shown on this DVD set have assisted my body awareness. I am feeling stronger and more confident in my Capoeira moves. The progressive nature of this set of DVD’s makes the final goals achievable and left me feeling empowered to be able to achieve them, while not deflated about my current level of ability. I would encourage Any one that has been looking for a personal approach to fitness to invest in this program. You do not need a Gym and expensive equipment as you are the equipment. This course should be a fundamental for any one looking for clear accelerated strength. The focus on technique, safe loading and full muscle and skeletal movement ensures a solid foundation form which to build on regardless of a persons current progression.”
    Phillip O'Connor from Australia

    P.P.S. Here’s the two offers again. Grab it now while you can.

    Hard Copy Package

    • Advanced Bodyweight Training Course
    • Master the Handstand Pushup DVD ($67 value)
    • Master the Pullup DVD ($67 value)
    • Master the One Legged Squat DVD ($67 value)
    • Master the Hanging Leg Raise DVD ($67 value)
    • Maximize Your Training DVD ($67 value)
    • Workouts in Action DVD ($67 value)


    • Explosive Bodyweight Training ($127 value)
    • Ferocious Forearms and Fingers ($39.95 value)

    $568.95 Value!!!

    All for just $297 + S/H

    If for any reason you don’t like this product, simply return it within 3 months for a full refund on your money. Even if you buy the digital version I stand by my product and the quality of the information found on it.

    Digital Package

    You get everything in the physical package , just delivered to you in downloadable videos online.

    $568.95 Value!!!
    All for just $197